Shop Eastport Maine and the Way DownEast region from Machias to Calais for gifts of fine art, photography, sculpture, folk art and more. Each uniquely representing the Downeast spirit and style. Thank you for supporting Maine artists.

  • Shop Eastport Maine: Amy Ray Art

    Amy Ray 

    Amy Ray was born in 1961 in Eastport.

    These days she divides her time between Eastport and Monmouth. 

    Ray’s work crosses back and forth between landscape and figurative abstraction. She most often works in mixed media on paper.

    Instagram @amyrayamyray

  • Shop Eastport Maine: Ben Georgia, Artist

    Ben Georgia

    Discover the contemporary original, expressive colorist abstract & Eastport inspired landscape & apple paintings of Ben Georgia.

    With a 40 year career as a professional artist from the metropolitan New York area with 5 shows in Chelsea, NYC and

    gallery representation, Ben loves increasingly his cool summer spot and the presence of Nature with its beauty is in all of his paintings.

    973.207.3717 always

    207.853.7213 sometimes

    143 Water Street, Eastport

  • Shop Eastport Maine: Crow Tracks Wood Carving

    Crow Tracks Wood Carving

    I am Roland LaVallee. I run a one-person carving business here in Eastport, Maine.


    Putting quality into my productions is my driving force. I do enjoy working with items of nature putting my talents to work and in the end creating beautiful art.


    Facebook: Eastport.ME

  • Shop Eastport Maine: Cynthia Morse, pastel artist and owner of the Eastport Breakwater Gallery in Eastport Maine

    Cynthia Morse, Pastel Artist

    Cynthia taught art in Maine for over 30 years.  After retiring from teaching her focus became pastel painting and she enjoys traveling throughout the state to paint.


    Nature's profound beauty and solitude are important subjects, as is showing a sense of space, time, and atmosphere.  Washington County views are the primary subjects, especially loves painting the blueberry barrens and foggy scenes.  


    “Pastels are wonderful to work with because of the many color choices and the rich texture that the pastel provides.”

    Cynthia Morse

    Instagram @pastelpainterandmore

  • Shop Eastport Maine: Eastern Maine Images - Don Dunbar Photography

    Don Dunbar, Eastern Maine Images

    Don Dunbar on his Eastern Maine Images:

    All of my photos are taken with patience, persistence, and sometimes a little luck.


    I think that connection with nature and passion for the entire outdoor experience separates my work from other wildlife photographers. I take scenic photos of all seasons, with my most popular photo shot at a temperature of 36 degrees below zero.


    See my work in person at Eastern Maine Images, 28 Water Street in Eastport.

  • Shop Eastport Maine: Greg B Gordon Photography, Full Fathom Five Gallery

    Greg B. Gordon Photography

    My years of traveling the world by water as a professional mariner has given me a unique vantage point of the world.   My personal images have an affinity for the oceans and all it interacts with.


    I try to provide a glimpse of this connection with nature in my images. 


    “A glimpse of time in a world full of motion.” Photography gives us the great opportunity of capturing these quick moments of time to keep them forever in our memory.

  • Shop Eastport Maine: Joan Lowden is The Bass Lady - Music, Media and Art

    Joan Lowden

    My main artistic passion is music, but my interest in the visual arts was re-ignited when I discovered encaustic painting several years ago.


    I am enticed by the textural quality of encaustic painting, and the possibilities of combining the ancient art of hot beeswax painting with modern technology such as digital photography to create unique works of art.

  • Shop Eastport Maine - Maine Charm Studios

    Maine Charm Studios

    Fine Art Prints from the photography of Maine and the Maritimes. Portrait and wedding photography.

    Etsy Shop

    Facebook @MaineCharmStudios

  • Shop Eastport Maine Online: mARTha Bloom

    mARTha Bloom

    Knox Martin writes, “Ms. Martha Bloom is an awakened poem- perhaps the only thing that is awake in the world… her art and ebullient teaching ability is at the heart of what is compassion and intelligent depth, a rare patience which plumbs what makes creation possible…”

    Website Gallery - mARTha Bloom Art

    Facebook: @mARTha.Bloom1

  • Michael Morse, Folk Art, Wood Carving

    Michael and his wife Cynthia own the Eastport Breakwater Gallery at 93 Water Street in Eastport, Maine.


    Growing up on coastal Maine, he was always drawn to sea life, birds, and the simple beauty of the shoreline.  A fascination with duck decoys and wood carving, in general, attracted him to the world of folk art.

    “I especially like working with driftwood.  I like to think that Nature and a little imagination tell me what a piece of wood will become."

    Michael Morse

    Facebook: @Eastport-Breakwater-Gallery

  • Sherry Ashby, Art and Garden

    Painter | Printmaker | Illustration

    Design and Seasonal Service

    We make art and gardens here in beautiful Lubec, Maine.


    Lots of love goes into everything we do.


    Inspired by coastal Down East living, we work and live by the seasons.

    Custom work accepted.

    Instagram: @sherryashby.fineart

  • Susan Moore Photography

    Hello, Sue here...I have had a camera in my hand since I was eighteen months old and have never stopped shooting. While I would love to see those renderings from when I was little, I like to think I retain that small child's wonderment of the big wide world.


    I love to delve into my subject's "ish", what makes them tick, what they hide from the world, what makes them laugh, cry, feel powerful and shows their vulnerability. 

    Website and Studio in Eastport, Maine:

    The Little Studio By the Bay 

    Facebook: @SusanMoorePhotography

    Instagram: @SusanMoorePhotography

    Eastport Gallery: Susan Moore